William H. Bone Home

Was Located at 161 North Main, Kaysville, Utah

After crossing the plains with a handcart company, William and Ellen Bone came to Kaysville, where Ellen’s two sisters were living. William and Ellen’s first home had a roof made of boughs with sod over them and a dirt floor, but they stayed there just a short time until they found a better place.

In 1865 William built a four-room brick home with one large attic room. That house, at 161 North Main Street, was still occupied and in good condition in 1976, over one hundred eleven years later. He also built a small shop on the south-east corner of the property where he plied his trade as a shoemaker.

William Bone was an early postmaster in Kaysville. The post office was in conjunction with his home. He was appointed January 25, 1869 and served until 1875

Photo from the Anderson Collection circa 1865