Samuel Ashton

Samuel Ashton


Samuel Ashton was born March 8, 1815 at Derbyshire, England. He and his wife Mary Bunting Ashton came across the ocean on the ship “Horizon”. They crossed the plains with a handcart company (1) and arrived in Salt Lake Valley November 30, 1856 where they stayed for a few years. In 1862 they moved to Kaysville and built a log cabin (where Arthur Butcher’s house now stands) by the mountain road in East Kaysville.

Samuel Ashton was a small man with poor health which was a handicap to him as he was unable to do heavy manual labor. His wife was a capable doctor and midwife so she cared for the sick while he stayed and took care of the home.

He planted and cared for beautiful flowers both in and outside of the house. There were beautiful beds of petunias and portulacas or mountain moss rose and many other varieties. He carried water in buckets from a near by ditch for these flowers.

A picture of their log cabin hung for several years in the Union Pacific Railroad Station at Ogden. The picture showed the log cabin with its pretty flower beds, Mr. Ashton and a group of neighbor women.

Once Samuel neglected the cow, letting it get into a field of green alfalfa. Both of them were afraid of their cow dying so they prayed and promised the Lord if he would save the cow they would make it up in extra tithing, which they did.

He was faithful and generous always helping when and where he could. There were no children so Mr. and Mrs. Ashton gave money to John R. Barnes of Kaysville to take care of their burial.

Samuel Ashton died December 26, 1890 at the age of 75 years.
Burial in Kaysville-Layton Cemetery.


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