John M. Browning’s Gunsmith Shop

1976 Exhibit Brochure
From this humble shop in the 1880’s, located on the present site of Ogden’s Orpheum Theater, the genius John M. Browning became world renowned as the greatest inventor of guns.

2023 Exhibit Guide
John M. Browning and his four brothers grew up helping in their father’s shop in Nauvoo, Illinois, learning the workings of guns. Eventually, Browning became an expert gun repairman before forming a professional partnership with his brothers and eventually opening his own shop: “J.M. Browning & Bro. Guns, Pistols, Ammunition & Fishing Tackle”.
From this humble shop in the 1880s, located on present day Washington Boulevard, John M. Browning became known worldwide for his inventions, creating over 80 different firearms in his lifetime.

Kaysville Connection
Many early area settlers were shop workers and manufacturing laborers who originated in English cities. While they may not have been familiar with guns when they emigrated, by the time they were settled in Kaysville, gun skills were a necessity to protect herds and hunt wildlife.

Fred Hunger (1936-2017)

Fred Hunger was born in Fresno, California, and attended Sacramento State College and Weber State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977. He also earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Universidad de Guanajuato in Mexico.
Hunger was the owner and manager at The Frame House and Gallery and was the executive director of Eccles Community Arts Center. He was very active in the Ogden area arts throughout his life and participated in many exhibitions. Hunger’s artworks have been published in many books about Utah art, and was even featured in La Revue Moderne of Paris, France.


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Copyright owned by Weber State University Storytelling Festival. All rights reserved. Painting shown by Kaysville – Fruit Heights Museum with permission. Painting number 16 in the 2023 exhibit guide.