Ogden Tithing Yard

1976 Bicentennial Exhibit Brochure
In 1870 the Ogden Tithing Yard was located on the west side of Washington Blvd. near 24th Street. It was adjoined by the Ogden branch of ZCMI which was originally located on the site of the present J.C. Penny Building.

2023 Exhibition Guide
In the late 1800s, the tithing yard was one of the busiest places in the growing city of Ogden. Mormons were expected to pay one-tenth of their increase to be used to support the church and provide for the poor. collected at tithing houses and bishop’s storehouses, like the one depicted in this painting.
In an economy that was short on currency, tithing was usually paid in crops, animals, and other goods. Tithing yards were eliminated when currency became the common medium of exchange. Bishop’s storehouses still exist as part of the welfare system of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kaysville Area Connections
The first tithing yard in Kaysville was located adjacent to Bishop Allen Taylor’s home that was located on the northeast corner of 100 North and 100 West. Later, a large red tithing barn was constructed west of the Union Pacific tracks at 696 West Center Street. Another building was in place on Main Street next to the Kaysville Cooperative Mercantile Institution. There is still a bishop’s storehouse on north Main Street.

Lois S. Breeze (1910-2000)

Lois Sherrill Breeze graduated with an art degree from John Herron Art School in Indianapolis, Indiana, and completed additional studies and graduate work at Butler University and the Cape Cod School of Art, where she was granted a prestigious scholarship.
Throughout her education, Breeze received tutelage from several accomplished American artists and even attended workshops taught by Richard Van Wagoner and Harrison Groutage, whose work is also featured in this exhibition. Lois Breeze was a member of the Palette Club and the Utah Watercolor Society, and her work was exhibited throughout Utah and surrounding states.


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Copyright owned by Weber State University Storytelling Festival. All rights reserved. Painting shown by Kaysville – Fruit Heights Museum with permission. Painting number 22 in the 2023 exhibit guide.